Product Care

  • Real Silver Tarnishes if exposed for too long specially when there is a lot of moisture in the air so its best to keep it in an airtight "Zip Lock Pack"
  • Best ways of cleaning silver is by using "Toothpowder" or "Toothpaste and water" or "Detergent and Water" since silver never rusts you can use water on it. Incase of deep oxidisation use a skin friendly chemical called "DARA" available literally on any online platform.  
  • Mostly rubbing the product with a flannel cloth poured with a hint of toothpowder does the trick if you want the shimmery antique look preserved. 
  • Never apply perfume over the jewellery.
  • Silver jewellery can tarnish naturally on some people and start shining on a few, It totally depends on your sweat composition. Nothing of this means that the purity has been compromised since we do not believe in selling replicas. 
  • Use silver without any hesitation since it can last for generations.