About Us

Asian Arts is a legacy.

It is located in S.S.Hogg Market, popularly known as New Market, which was constructed during the British Era and opened to public on Jan 1, 1874.

The late Gopaldas Barwani began his journey after migrating to Kolkata with His family, leaving everything behind in Sindh, Pakistan during the Partition of 1947. He had to start a new life in a new city from scratch. After years of struggle, he finally found a little space in New Market in the year 1956. He named it 'Asian Arts'. He began with selling crocodile and snake skin bags which soon became a rage among clients from all over the Globe. However, after the imposition of The Wildlife Act of 1972, he had to discontinue the sale of animal skin bags and diversify into Handicrafts and Jewellery. Since then there has been no looking back.

"Asian Arts" has lived and thrived through 3 generations. 

The Late Gopaldas Barwani had 5 children, among them his elder daughter Kala would often help him at the store after college. Sheroo, his elder son showed his love for the shop too, and continued on, till his untimely death in 1976.

Rupa, the youngest daughter, whose interest always lay in the pursuit of higher studies, had never visualised herself as being a part of Asian Arts. Circumstances however compelled her to assist her father in the shop which she continued to do even after getting a job of a lecturer in Shri Shikshayatan College. To her surprise she realised she had a knack of designing jewellery and this developed into a passion which she pursued while doing justice to her teaching job at the same time. 

The younger son Vashi, who was working as an accountant in an engineering company had never thought of joining the family business. Personal issues at work made him quit his Job and join the store in 1985 . 

Vashi had 'Asian Arts' in his destiny.  He was truly admired at the store. Customers loved him for his friendly warm behaviour and ever smiling face. Unfortunately he is not among us anymore. He passed away on the 14Th of August 2020. He will always  be remembered and missed.  

The Store now is managed by his son, Vinayak who has been a support system for his father since 2012. He is certainly not alone in managing the affairs of the store as he gets his share of support from his mother Paayall, aunt Rupa and his younger brother Prashant.